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The Ascension brand is the lens through which our communities get to know us by what they see, hear and read

The words and visuals we choose to represent Ascension help shape the perception of our care and caregivers. We all have a role to play to help spread and safeguard our Ascension name, Mission and reputation.

The tools and resources on this page are meant to help you create materials, update items and ensure that as we all work each day to further the Mission of Ascension, we do so with a unified voice and presence.

If you will be designing, creating or communicating in the Ascension brand please complete form to register for brand training.

If you need access to the ready to use Ascension templates in Ascension Brand Central click here to self register. If you will only be using templates from Ascension Brand Central, and not creating items from scratch, you do not need to participate in brand training.

Need to talk with someone about Ascension Brand Central questions? Click here for a list of contacts.