Mission, Vision, Values & Ethics

Our Mission, Vision and Values guide everything we do at Ascension. They are foundational to our work to transform healthcare and express our priorities when providing care and services, particularly to those most in need.


Rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer, we commit ourselves to serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable. Our Catholic health ministry is dedicated to spiritually centered, holistic care which sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities. We are advocates for a compassionate and just society through our actions and our words.


We envision a strong, vibrant Catholic health ministry in the United States which will lead to the transformation of healthcare. We will ensure service that is committed to health and well-being for our communities and that responds to the needs of individuals throughout the life cycle. We will expand the role of laity, in both leadership and sponsorship, to ensure a Catholic health ministry of the future.

  • Service of the poor: Generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need
  • Reverence: Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life
  • Integrity: Inspiring trust through personal leadership
  • Wisdom: Integrating excellence and stewardship
  • Creativity: Courageous innovation
  • Dedication: Affirming the hope and joy of our ministry
Healthcare Ethics

Healthcare ethics focuses on supporting personalized care that is consistent with each patient’s individual values, and promotes the good of the human person.

Our Mission, Vision, Values and identity as a healing ministry of the Catholic Church guide our practices, with our Ethics Department serving a critical role by:

  • Fostering disciplined decision-making processes that promote our Mission, Vision, Values and Catholic identity in clinical and organizational realms
  • Sharing research and counsel to Ascension leaders working through organizational and clinical ethical issues
  • Educating and providing resources for leaders and work teams that help them carry out their ethics responsibilities Ascension-wide
  • Supporting and promoting dialogue between Ascension ministry leaders and local Ordinaries (diocesan bishops) to strengthen our relationship with the Church and our identity as one of its healing ministries.