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Ascension Global Mission

Ascension Global Mission oversees international efforts that improve health and living status for poor and vulnerable populations in developing countries.

What We Do

global mission subsidiary logoAscension Global Mission supports international efforts that improve the health and well-being of poor and vulnerable populations in developing countries. We collaborate with religious communities abroad as well as U.S. and other international partners to:

  • Support and Strengthen Healthcare Delivery
    Ascension’s global outreach efforts focus on providing compassionate, personalized care and alleviating suffering through the provision of medical services and supplies to those in need as well as education as requested by local health care professionals.
  • Enable Greater Local Community Leadership in Health
    In response to a call to look beyond hospital walls and reduce the suffering of people around the world through greater prevention, Ascension Global Mission collaborates with faith-based partners in Guatemala to design a community governance/ empowerment model that supports local leaders as they develop and lead their community’s health improvement agenda.

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  • Advocate for Persons Living in Poverty and Those Most Vulnerable on Key International Issues That Affect Global Health and Well-Being
    As the largest Catholic health system in the world, dedicated to serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable, Ascension is engaged in international forums to unite with others and advocate in areas such as the development of healthcare workers, the elimination of human trafficking and maternal and child health.
Susan M. Huber leads Ascension Global Mission, an Ascension subsidiary



Susan M. Huber - President, Ascension Global Mission

Susan M. Huber leads Ascension Global Mission, an Ascension subsidiary, guiding Ascension’s international mission outreach efforts to improve health and living status of underserved global populations.

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