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Ascension Technologies

Ascension Technologies is one of the nation’s largest healthcare information technology services organization. We leverage technology to create collaborative solutions that improve everyday health decisions.

What We Do

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Ascension Technologies is one of the nation’s largest healthcare information technology services organizations.

We provide Ascension and its subsidiaries low-cost, high-value IT infrastructure and software application services that:

  • Support rapid and effective clinical decision making
  • Improve efficiency and care transitions
  • Foster information sharing across the continuum of care
  • Make knowledge and data actionable, leading to improved patient outcomes

Ascension Technologies supports Ascension’s healthcare operations by enabling seamless access to data across all applications, transforming the user experience when interacting with technology, and enhancing our ability across Ascension to better serve our communities with more agility and responsiveness. This includes insightfully using automation and making data-driven improvements to enhance the provider, patient and consumer experience. Additionally, we consistently focus on strengthening our cybersecurity posture to protect data and other valuable assets.

Gagan Singh



Gagan Singh - Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Gagan Singh leads the Ascension Technologies team in building out the data exchange functions, foundational infrastructure and compelling applications that provide Ascension’s healthcare operations with a seamless, end-to-end technology experience for both patients and providers.

Ascension Technologies Careers

Ascension Technologies offers competitive pay and comprehensive benefits in an exciting, technology-driven work environment.

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