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The Resource Group

The Resource Group is a change management organization specializing in operations and logistics, sourcing and contracting, and implementation and analytics, at its heart, it is focused on hospitality and caregiver satisfaction. The Resource Group manages the end-to-end resource and supply function for over 2,500 locations across the United States.

What We Do

the resource group logoThe Resource Group is a business transformation organization providing User-Directed Integrated Solutions in Strategic Sourcing, Operations and Logistics Optimization, and Change Management to healthcare providers. We are honored to serve the hospitals, physicians, and clinicians who deliver care to their communities by partnering in a spirit of excellence, collaboration, and respect.

Scott Caldwell, President and CEO, The Resource Group, a business transformation services organization



Scott Caldwell - President and Chief Executive Officer, The Resource Group

The Resource Group operates the second largest and most efficient resource and supply management organization in healthcare delivery by focusing on effective change management and the caregiver experience. Their User-Directed Integrated Solutions deliver industry-leading savings, operational efficiencies, and caregiver satisfaction to all healthcare providers. Scott Caldwell guides The Resource Group in their solution development and implementation strategies.